Publishing activities

Book series

Due to the initiative of our publication committee the long-standing plans of the Society for the publication of a series of books has come to fruition. The series is called

Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics Series (IMM)

and is published by Springer Heidelberg.

In the publication agreement it says that the series will ''cover advanced textbooks and introductory scientific monographs in English language. The authors should be distinguished specialists with international reputation in their field of expertise''.

Professor Lev Truskinovsky has signed the agreement on behalf of the Society. He is also the editor of the series and he should be approached by members who wish to contribute.

All ISIMM members are strongly encouraged to submit new proposals for this book series, whose importance for our society cannot be overemphasized, as it should reflect the progress of our subject which is the promotion of the mutual interaction of mathematics and mechanics.

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